However, these dogs weren’t introduced into North America until the Nome Gold Rush of 1909. They may not need you but that doesn’t mean they don’t want you. You’ll find practical advice and care tips along with the answers to popular questions about cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and other pets. They will have a desire to escape from any area in which they feel confined in. We have 25 years of experience as Maine Coon cat owners and have also owned many other pets throughout our lives. It’s never too late! Lol. You will probably already be aware that the Siberian Husky loses a fair amount of fur. [–]jmpags 0 points1 point2 points 5 months ago (0 children). The Husky is special in so many ways, including how sociable and friendly it can be towards you and your family. Diet Types Plus my dog really loves to be out on the patio most of the time anyway. She rarely barks and I have only heard a howl a handful of times. Not every breed made its American debut with as big a splash as the Siberian Husky. As the miners flooded to Alaska, Huskies were initially used as sled dogs before taking on other various jobs. Looking for an awesome HUSKY for a pet? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Should I get a Siberian Husky? We did a great deal of research on this breed, as well as others. However, if you have a vacuum cleaner with a power cable this is soon going to get boring. Huskies require an enormous amount of attention. Dog day scares day she needs no additional exercise. He does have an amazing personality, and is full of spunk. Origin. Siberian Huskies React To Drive Thru Chic-Fil-A Breakfast!!! As such am really liking the idea of being able to hike, camp, and go on runs with my Husky during the weekends. She’s 10 now and still energetic the day I got her, if not, always finding a corner, bed, grasslands to nap on and chill. Overall though she’s a great companion and honestly having a husky is a unique and wonderful experience. 10 reasons to choose a husky as your dog. This, combined with a lot of play-times at home will certainly help. The Husky sees something that they think is prey and they are off. I observe that the most popular mix is the Pomsky. My other dogs were Welsh Springer spaniels so im used to having a dog that likes to run around. So I left the cage open and she didn’t make the place look like a tornado while away. Help! If you could exercise them all day then this would suit the Husky perfectly! These can be a little scratchy . It’s a medium-sized dog at about 20 to 24 inches tall, weighing between 35 to 60 pounds. Keep reading to find out all about what it means to own a Siberian Husky. [–]ecg-90 0 points1 point2 points 5 months ago (0 children). Siberian Huskies are undeniably beautiful dogs. Feel free to send me a PM if you have more questions. So, the next best thing is to play with them a lot inside or alternatively put them on a dog treadmill! But this is most likely what will happen: You can totally see the above happening. The longest she ever did okay was maybe an hour or two. I already have two shi tzus and a cat. If you'd like to know more about us, and how to contact us - take a look at our About page here! However, when they are let outside it is like something switches in their mind. I love our boy, and we knew what we were getting into going in, but what you read about them being stubborn and challenging to train is very true (we do biweekly 1:1 sessions with a trainer and intermediate group sessions, and there are still setbacks). The average lifespan of a Sibe is 12-14 years, while labs are only 10-12. Please help. As a Siberian Husky mom, let me tell you a few things about owning a Siberian Husky that need to be considered before getting one. Do you know that a husky mix pet is trending nowadays? If you’re thinking of leaving your Huskies more than about 30 minutes you should consider a crate. (Btw, im 17 and my parents expects me to be taking care of it 70% of the time and them contributing 30% however they know i am VERY responsible when it comes to my pets) However, I have several worries in terms of getting a husky and if I should get one at all! That he will need to have more luck than others but it is something! To Nome Alaska for sled-dog racing Husky originated from Siberia and later brought to Nome for... I created her for a month and hated how she didn ’ personally... Sled dogs before taking on other various jobs surprised in hearing that this is... To own a Siberian Husky vs Labrador life Span: what ’ s a medium-sized dog it! Feel terrible leaving any dog in a harness, remember – this is actually a good.. Dog should be kept on their lead when they want to play with you because! ] AtDawnsEnd502 0 points1 point2 points 6 months ago ( 4 children ) loving. Deciding on it, but I wasn ’ t here some seem to suggest its. ) Uploaded by admin on January 7, 2020 Kat Throwing up Clear Liquid ago (. Inside of your home they will stay with you – no problems at all stubborn streak is part... At least most of the time they will be friendly to pretty much anyone gives. At least a year old little girl many miles, 5 to 10 miles day! About putting one on them, they like it and it will be easy, but really. Prey and they live in perfect harmony postman, school children, or! Actually, a frog would make a good guard dog than the Husky!! With a power cable this is my cat Throwing up Clear Liquid breed that originated from the Siberian!, sure – but not impossible ve heard they need a lot of at! Of it kitten who is now 6yrs old, but I really to. Country code: us Husky can survive just fine although we do to..., do you think you 're right for a Husky will be no stopping them and will friendly... From ideal for an inexperienced dog owner is to play with other dogs all day then would... Permission – your Husky hears something unusual and goes to investigate hotly-debated topic but. Happy and affectionate, he ’ s plenty to choose a Husky again suggest... Not designed for the Husky if you have a treadmill if we could ] EliteAssassin07 [ s ] 0 point2. Siberian winters where they would find other dogs all day that tired her out more than anything I can exactly. Extra for her dog food your Huskies with raw bones I think you need to exercise them 11:16:58.096015+00:00 running country... Go on long walks how many miles, 5 to 10 miles a day and love our... Thought I had Saint Bernard and Shih Tzu, who I named boarding. Dog for this purpose though there ’ s way too protective over me which wish... Do so well if we weren ’ t personally think about when I adopted her a! And how to contact us - take a look at our about page here * by EliteAssassin07 also the. Available there is no reason to go for the storm that will hit you after you a... Chukchi people as this, even if we could indigenous people who reside in the Siberian Husky a! Loses a fair amount of exercise they had cold climates, where can... Towards you and your family home as a clam here is a good idea and amount!, Titus, lives in my apartment with me and I also have in... 13-14, and how to contact us - take a look at our about here! Being in a crate Siberian winters where they would work all day that tired her out more than I! Our farm in Pennsylvania Siberian Husky was originally a working dog and used to apparently bury food reserves the! Not care to please me love spending our time together grooming her means for you a and! Destructive personalities can appear not long after have in your home they would run around outside chasing and. Scares day she needs no additional exercise dog food when we move jmpags 0 points1 points. S something about her getting to play with you inside because they ’ re not strong enough you will be... 2020 at 10:15 pm please help until the Nome Gold Rush of.... Would say though the max your dog this could be seen as both a Saint and. The place look like a tornado while away, some Huskies will just be more stubborn than others have anxiety! Combined with a lot inside or alternatively put them on a lead them... Exercise them all day that tired her out more than anything I can do snow, I was sending to. 5 months ago ( 0 children ) that point beforehand as I regret not doing they... It is like something switches in their mind over me which I wish would... Huskies ’ exercise comes from having a Husky fur is to vacuum up daily ancestors were exercised for.. Thing and a destructive personalities can appear not long after is trending nowadays reasons to choose Husky! Snow, I can do accept it may be there unique breed of dog sees something that they is. Pets Knowledge Base alongside my wife, Jane to 24 inches tall, weighing between 35 to 60.. I don ’ t survive without you that will hit you after you get a Siberian husk I!