This class is all about digital marbling and how to create beautiful abstract pieces of art that may resemble Paper Marbling, Ebru, Suminagshi, Acrylic fluid pouring, Dirty Pouring, Bottle Cap Pouring, etc. I’m a big fan of marbling, and I was thrilled to find Rich Armstrong‘s digital marbling class on Skillshare. Here we can go for an equally brighten hectic color, like pink, and then we can lay some paints again. You've got your orange stripe, so your orange paint, but between them, instead of just one color, you've got two colors and a bunch of different swirls and thicknesses to run cool. I’m doing a course on digital marbling on the Ipad using Procreate. Maybe bring the size down a little bit, and if I do a little bit of a mistake over there. Just look at that. Fill the layer, and then I'm going to start with something actually quite bright, this time, a white. Yeah, that looks about right. More purple, more green. Transgressive Art. Magenta versus green. November 2020. You might have to play around here to see what you really want, what you like. Sep 30, 2020 - Here the link where you can find a lot of brushes for procreate #illustration #procreate #link #timelapse #river. I go for color burn and also works really well, but I've found that linear burn has the best effects. I want you to paint like a flame or something like that. Digital Marbling Class Intro: Hey, I'm Rich Armstrong from Tap Tap Kaboom. If you want to save it into your iPad, you can save it to iCloud, Dropbox, you can transfer to other devices in your network, whatever you want. What does it do to the orange? You just do it over and over and over,and you can experiment with the size of the twirl or the size of the brush, fantastic. It does make it a little bit darker, but we'll cover that in the next lesson. But at other times, you might find something that just, wow, it blows your way. You can go back to you adjust and adjusted again. You'll see some big pockets of black and big pockets of white appearing. Digital Marbling resembles the real world art techniques of Paper Marbling, Suminagshi, Acrylic Fluid Pouring, Ebru, and Bottle Cap Pouring. You'll want extra layers later on, so you can add more paint and effects. Adding Richness: In this lesson, what I want to show you is how to add richness and bring about some life into your pieces. Then I can make the lights slightly lighter. Again, it's an anti liquefied tool and instead of adjusting the entire canvas is just going to adjust it in one particular section. I don't like these to be too big, and then I also just like to do little bit of pushing round after I have done some twirling, and perhaps do a little bit more down here. Now, the last one that I want to show you is a reset and that just takes everything back to the beginning. That's looking really good. Look at that. That's looking really good. Then just to be safe, I slide to the left, I duplicate it. So let's go to my layer and Fill Layer, I'm going to create a new one, and start brushing on top of this. It's just like a paintbrush except it does some smudging. Then I'm going to turn on my drawing guide. That looks pretty good. The End: This is the real end of the class, thank you for taking it. The next thing I want to show you is a really easy sneaky way of doing the exact same thing. Bye and see you soon. Then these parts here are really good. This is going to be therapeutic like you cannot believe. You start to see here there's different pockets of detail is exactly what I wanted. That's done, and then we just tap on that and tap on clipping mask and bam, and there we go. For the class project, you'll be creating a few pieces with the techniques I showed you during the class. It's still looking pretty good. 4.3k. But then when you go and liquefy it, what I want you to do is focus on the edges, turn your distortion up and your size can be something like that, and try just pull the edges outs and then push them back in, and then do some twirling up and down and then pull and push on the edges, and then again where black meets white. 4.3k. Then we got some big nice pockets here looking good. [inaudible] layer, then we're going to go to noise. Discover classes on Digital Painting, Adobe Photoshop, Character Design, and more. That just looks really good. Let's turn up the distortion. Pinterest. I use Goodnotes 5 to open it, but you can also use … There's going to be areas where perhaps I don't want so I'm going to use my eraser, just to erase most of that. It brings life into all pieces. Embellishment Drawing It looks weird. Looks good. It's short and fun, and great for kids and adults. your own Pins on Pinterest There's some interesting irregularities. Digital Marbling: Create Stunning Abstract Art in Procreate. 8. The other one is Airbrushing and I use the soft brush. It's going to be a mess. But, it doesn’t have to be. Then this is classic way, which I'm a big fan of. Pick and choose from this list of Procreate tutorials that will show you all sorts of projects that are possible using the tool, so you can go from beginner to pro. Then blue, so I'm going to go for a blue like this. Let's have a look. Romantic Marbling Digital Paper, Pink and Gold, gold shimmer paper, marbling textures, digital marbling paper, liquid ink, wedding invitations, A collection of Romantic marbling backgrounds. The next method is by choosing a color at the top right. I find this tool amazing.It's really fun to work with and what's really cool is that now I can go back to my staple push brush on my push tool and I can now start liquefying this again. Now, the pinch tool, you expand tool the crystals tool and the edge tool. That's a really easy way of sharing it while you're in your canvas. .. Nov 7, 2019 - Procreate is one of my favourite iPad apps, and one of the reasons I love it is that it has such wonderful brushes. Let´s start with the list of amazing Procreate Brushes: Mathew Baldwin’s splash Vol.1; Add a little underwater effect to your work with this free brush set by Mathew Baldwin on Procreate. Now, highlight two port reds out in the mid tones. Learn iPad Animation In a Snap Rich Armstrong % COMPLETE €30 Intro to Looom Available until . Upload some more projects. I'm not quite sure if you want to make that dark, but I can definitely make this a bit lighter and this a little bit darker. I'm just start making some marks here. Now pallet is something that you may have seen over here. It just adds a lot of grain, and a lot of noise, a lot of texture into a piece. This just brings a lot of life into your piece. You can mix styles and techniques, and go from liquid to dry canvas in milliseconds. Explore. Liquefy this. This is tricky. Okay, so you do some liquefying like that. Now you want to pick a new color. I'm just trying to get this guy to flow all the way along through our show. Makes for some nice liquefying, creates a lot of flow and momentum, and that's what I'm going to for. Yeah. A bit of white always does a really good job. Don't want it to be too intense, and hey, if it really is too intense, you can use your eraser tool or you can press this "n" and just drop the opacity, so it's not so intense. Then I start to paint here and there with this fat nozzle spray paint, but just lightly. There are two ways of doing this and I'm going to show you both. Get your learning on. Then the brush I'm going to use is painting and the normal brush. Whatever you want. Once you've got that selected, change your brush size to something pretty big and make five lines on the left hand side of your Canvas. It's easy to make your own brushes, and i. AusUkeMa Uncategorized March 3, 2019 March 3, 2019 1 Minute. There are simple and straightforward Skillshare classes that will teach you how to learn Procreate in no time. This means that when I zoom in you can see the grain and it just adds a bit of texture, richness to the piece. But my favorite is found on the spray paints and it's the splatter spray paint, and here I'm just going to spray a little bit. That's looking pretty good. Let's get going. that's what I love about this process in Procreate. But what I want to show you is my preference. Actually, seeing a blue and yellow zebra would be pretty cool. Now what I've got to tell you is that if you add a new layer, the assistant drawing is not going to happen on that layer so you'll see here, that it's not drawing on the other layer. It says this is how much color is at this point, and this is how much color is at this point. Again, this reminds me of toothpaste over here. Love is part of the process. Dropped this smokiness, I think it works wonders for a piece. Maybe just increase the size quite a bit. That's great. I think something like that looks pretty good. What I want you to do initially is to turn that all the way down and your brush size. I've absolutely loved what you guys have created so far. So perhaps we go for a blue like this and then you tap on your layers, type another layer and say full layer. Then I'm going to liquefy that, and just focus on these edges, and here there's some really nice cloudy irregularities coming out. Now you can see when I preview this, it just adds a little bit of pop, a little bit of, looks quite nice. Other times you're searching for beauty, you're trying to create it and it's just not working. Then I'm going to choose a gold color, so I've got a couple of gold down here. That is your gold affects. Here this looks really good. This is just mind-blowing. Then what I'm going to do is flatten it. Well, screen add color dodge. So here I'm creating a whole bunch of mini whirlpools and this is something that you cannot tune real live really easily. Now, if I create a new layer and tap on my edit Drawing Guide and I turn it into Radial. You can also do forwards, but you can also use your two fingers here and three fingers just by tapping on the screen to do undoes and redoes. This area. I'm talking about that one or that one. You just make the orange in sections, the yellow one will also change to be a bit more yellow. It means I can select the color that I have really used, but because of the mixture that's happened then I can use it. That's great. You can play around with the size, but something like that would be good and then start from the left and work towards the right and what we're going to do is we're not going to dwell in one place, but we're going to drag across almost like a smudge,and you can see that we're going to take this little piece of pink all the way from the left, all the way to the right and It creates a drawing out, a stroke from left to right. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" find … I don't really have a preference between twirl left or twirl right, but it works really nicely when you've got some white and a darker color underneath. I really like this. You would have to go to adjustments and hue saturation, brightness or something like that and you can change the hue, you can change the saturation and the brightness. The next thing I want you to do is choose your first paint color. Now you've added a bit of grunge to it, added a bit of a life to it using these smudgies. Now smudge marks are really cool I think. The first thing I do is choose a background color. Now, you'll see that there's also pressure and momentum on this brush. And of course, I cover a few Procreate tips and tricks as well. I've showed you how to work with curves. I can always just use some smudging as well. that's what I love about this process in Procreate. I'll go for a white color and then fold this layer, like that, and you may be thinking, "Okay, you just put white on top of everything." So I'll just keep on liquefying this really nice irregularities and cloudy moody area starting to appear. If I do the same thing here, I'm adding a bunch of paint, but just at a light opaqueness. This class is all about digital marbling and how to create beautiful abstract pieces of art that may resemble Paper Marbling, Ebru, Suminagshi, Acrylic fluid pouring, Dirty Pouring, Bottle Cap Pouring, etc. It's almost like there's a meeting and a bit of argy-bargy going on. Over a couple of places, you see how the blue turns almost into a really light blue. I'm going to pick this pinky color and do the same thing. Orangey red, pinky red, or it can red like that a pink, marble red. Now, for the next thing, we're going to add a little bit of smudges. I hide the original. Bonus 1: Life-like Marbling: What I'm going to show you in this bonus video is how to get a really lifelike marbling technique going. So I always keep this at 100 percent, it means that even while I'm working here, this always going to be a little bit of momentum. There are few videos after this where I go through a complete start to finish process. You start to see some really cool things going on here. There we go, now it does draw on that side. Perhaps we can turn off the drawing guide, and normal grid. Now, I'm going to go and change the colors. Then I'm going to switch it up again and just add little bit of a white noise to the lack bits. Now I'm going to show you the next style. Pretty magenta, burgundy, orange, yellow, green, coral color shades backdrops with gold sparkle. So I think that's looking really really good. We go back to doing my spray painting and I'm going to do a little bit of smudging here, and then reintroduce spray paints over there, and then I'm going to select this color, and do some spray painting on top of the dark here. Still a bit of brushstrokes over here. Sep 30, 2020 - Here the link where you can find a lot of brushes for procreate #illustration #procreate #link #timelapse #river. I'm not going to go through all of them. What we're going to do then is we're going to go to hue saturation and brightness drop-down the saturation, so it's black and white noise, and then let's zoom back out again. The best part about these beautiful messes is that you can create them in bed, on the couch and in the train, all without the paints and without the mess. 10. No, I can't do that. It really feels like we're playing with liquid or working with paints in water when you've got the momentum slit up. One Zebra style, one Moody style, and one Inky style. 46m 2,670 students. Super cool. You can mix styles and techniques, and go from liquid to dry canvas in milliseconds. Darker blue. So you tap your "Actions" button, you go to the Preferences, and then Gesture Controls, and then under the Eyedropper section, you just going to set up this little thing on. It's looking really good I mean, just look at this area over here it looking fantastic. That's going to look pretty cool. The first thing I want you to do is to select a background color. Marbling “size ” The kit provided a small amount of carrageenan powder to prepare the size. Rose Gold Liquid Art (Fluid Art) | Digital Marbling on Procreate … Get your learning on. 2.6k. Tap on the Adjustments button, hit Liquify. Rich Armstrong. There are two particular brushes I like to use for this style. I can alternate between using my pencil, which is pressure sensitive and I can use my finger, which is always going to be a 100 percent of the precious slider value. If you're ready scared of messing up what you've just done, what you can do is you can slide left on a layer and duplicate it. Use these retro 1950's shapes to showcase your lettering, create branding, Instagram images, social media . Then you just start flickering in, use your finger if you want to. But as with everything it has its cons. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to try to pick another color, and I can't remember what color I had. This is what's really cool about working with liquify with assisted drawing technique. You want to work with a white to black gradients even though there is splats and this is where the magic starts to happen. Paying only $99 for unlimited classes on a range of topics is crazy-good value for money. I group them. Starts to look quite a bit more grungy and bit more authentic, I think, and these are all just with brushes that exist by default in Procreate, and where the white went on to the blue, now the blue can go into the white. Explore. Perhaps we can do that after we add some of these spray paint flecks and splatter. You can focus on some of the other areas and where you want use a bit of twirling. It’s used by a lot of professional artists, so it can seem daunting to learn as a beginner. I'm not going to show you that, I don't use them very often. What happens while, that makes it really pink, so maybe I want to just add a little bit more green in there, the yellow starts to come through a little bit more. Next up, are a few start to finish videos. Is it a pizza slice, is it a pizza? Procreate is the best digital graphic app for beginners to professionals looking to stamp their signature on the world of art. I'm going to reposition this so it's in the center of the screen and these are all of our liquefied tools. I'd recommend playing around, seeing what works. All right. There's a lot of detail when you zoom in. It’s a method that can be used by any Procreate user from absolute beginner to an advanced skills illustrator. I had some pop. This class is all about digital marbling and how to create beautiful abstract pieces of art that may resemble Paper Marbling, Ebru, Suminagshi, Acrylic fluid pouring, Dirty Pouring, Bottle Cap Pouring, etc. That's the blue, and now you can do this with however many different colors you want. Decrease your size where needed and do some flicking in and out. How much color is made up of red, green, and blue values. Soft faded & pastel painted marbling paper in various styles and designs. I'm going to change the blend mode to contrast overlay. It does look pretty good as a landscape piece too. That's why I'm using portraits. 12. Digital Painting Tutorials Digital Art Tutorial Art Tutorials Digital Art … Designs available on redbubble! Just a little bit. Bring out some nice stuff there. The bigger your canvases, slower, everything runs, but it's not all bad. You check our color balance by yourself. I can go from left to right pretty easily and I don't know these long stretches, but, if you want to try landscape, fantastic. Although I call myself a Product Designer I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades / generalist / unicorn. At the darkest point, if I were to increase the amount of colors, it goes white. If you start moving this about, you'll start to see it. Curves, or perhaps I can use color balance in this instance. With the smudge tool, you can select a bunch of different brushes to use as your smudge tool. But what I've just seen is that it's still on normal blend mode. Things are looking a little bit blue here. If you’ve got an iPad, here’s a great video to get you started. Look at those colors there. It doesn't really look like it. Digital Drawing ... . Whilst ebru marbling certainly isn’t a quick and spontaneous art activity, it’s been a perfect … Now the distortion is pretty cool when it comes to the 121112, right? While we're pulling it, it's going to be distorting. I think we can work with that. That's the final piece that I'm going to show you from start to finish. Let's preview that. When you're in your gallery, it's a little bit different. That adds a little bit of a glittering effects or some texture. I don't know what it is, but there's modeling technique. This is a really good mixture between the amounts of layers, the print quality and the brush size on the canvas. But my opinion, the Stucco brush underneath the artistic group is amazing for smudging. If too much of your lines are being affected, then decrease your size. You've got your hue, you've got your saturation and brightness sliders, or you can just go around here. This way you've got an original and a new one, and if you mess up the top one, hey, you can delete that slide left, and then delete it, and then you can go back to your original layer, and work with one. So when I increase my size, I just slide this slider upwards and it creates a bigger mark and if I slide it down, it make some brush smaller. So there are a few ways to pick and go back to colors that you've had again. Being an illustrator and designer for over a decade now, I work with Procreate quite often. Do white smudge marks by white. Pretty cool. I think I might have to add a little bit more color here. Ebru marbling requires a little more prep work than suminagashi, ... And for those who want a mess-free, hassle-free marbling experience, we recommend digital marbling on Procreate! Then I'm going to create some ready like flowing movements on my canvas, and this is just going to be my base layer of paint, and then liquefy this. What you can do then is say select, and what you can do is you can preview, or tap on a few of these artworks to preview, and you can just slide between them, which I find to be quite useful, or you can tap share, and again, PSD, PDF, JPEG, whatever you want, and you just tap on that. Remember, don't try and create something perfect or beautiful. Is looking good. It's powerful and when I've got the pressure up, it means that I can alternate between using my precious sensitive pencil and my finger and they want the momentum up. Then I'll change yellow in here too and then back to orange. Digital Marbling & Digital Fluid Art have taken my "mommy me time" to an entirely different level! So I'm going to undo. I'm putting on the canvas now. Then I'll go for white, I think that was the last color that I used. Saved from This class is all about digital marbling and how to create beautiful abstract pieces of art that may resemble Paper Marbling, Ebru, Suminagshi, Acrylic fluid pouring, Dirty Pouring, Bottle Cap Pouring, etc. What this allows me to do is it allows me to have a backup group. So I'm going to artistic, use my acrylic brush and I'm going to apply some more paints to my canvas and this is really cool because I introduced a new color. What I want you to do now is to create three different black and white pieces. Looks good. Then perhaps I can do some smudging to see how this works. I quite like that name smudgies. You can see the really nice smokiness that's coming out here. I'm going to go a little more green. Whoa that changes everything a lot. Although I call myself a Product Designer, I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades / generalist / unicorn. Jul 25, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by SPIRIT. It's all white, and then we're going to create some noise. Tools, check this out. Because then it looks like you actually smudged the white, and some more over here. (Udemy) When the title of a course says advanced, you better believe you’ll receive … What I'm going to do next is just add a little bit of white, and I think that I will be done for a little bit. You can mix styles and techniques, and go from liquid to dry canvas in milliseconds. Magenta or green. I just want to change different parts of the piece. Drop the dilution a little bit. So that's why I like using this layer as my background layer. Maybe there will be some green as well. I'm going to decrease the dilution from the get-go. Yes, Just hold on. What's next is adding a new layer and giving it some noise. In out in out something weird, and you just keep on doing this until you've done a lot of pushing of paint around. I like it. Are you going for a lot of like really psychedelic colors, or are you going to keep it muted? Well, that's cool. Then I want to add a little bit of fleck here and there so am going to use my splatter brush. 3. Perhaps I don't need it over there. I'm going to liquefy it and start with some pushing in and out and doing something weird. If you're looking to create in a fun new way, or do something relaxing, come take the class. I mean, this is just off the hook. I really like using the spray paint fat nozzle because it adds all of these flex, it adds texture. I'm not going to cover all of them. Color balance, in my opinion, is exactly the same as curves. Sign to find some weird interesting irregularities here. I'm going to take that to overlay. It's been a worthwhile experiment. You play around. If you do want to turn off the assisted drawing thing, tap on this guide and instead of just turning off the Drawing Guide, you can't edit the Drawing Guide anymore, first go hit at the Drawing Guide, turn Assisted Drawing off, Press Done and then turn off the Drawing Guide. Obviously make it look a little bit more like liquid. But what's really cool about this Apple pencil is that I can adjust the pressure just by pressing softly or by pressing harder. I can have some fun be quite free in what I do, try just call in some different colors. Really really nice. What I like to do here is remove all evidence of an actual brushstroke. It's easy to make your own brushes, and i. Really nice. We needed that. Now the reason why I added it to a separate layer, this layer 5 is so that I can go to my adjustments and then I can decrease the saturation. But now. Let's liquefy this. In out, something weird. Now I want you to do the lines from the top to the bottom. Yeah, it's cool. Tap when your color swatch the top right and use the disk view or the classic view, or the value of you to choose a different color. I'll add a little bit of blue here and there. You can set up a bunch of other gesture controls here. I'm going to go and select white as my color, and then there's a whole bunch of different noise brushes you can choose from. But then you may be like, but it's not quite symmetrical. This is the official end of the class. Making Your Colors Pop: In this lesson, I'm going to show you how I make my colors pop. Now you can use a glitter foil photo or a gold foil photo, whatever gold photo you like. Let's get our flux out. Let's go for oriental brush, drop that dilution just a little bit, and from here. This digital planner is monthly, weekly, daily, and extra template linked. It's quite moody. There's something beginning to work out. I think it will. When you smudge using this moody style, it does wonders. Now that is super rad, you cannot do that in real life. Increase the distortion with the brush size about that, and then focus on the edges of the brush strokes that I just put down. I could, if I really wanted to. Once you've got procreates open, create a new Canvas and select from the pre-existing sizes or create your own custom size. You can mix styles and techniques, and go from liquid to dry canvas in milliseconds. Making Marble in Procreate is super satisfying in an almost therapeutic way. Perhaps just a little bit more in this pocket over here, that's a little bit too much. It's never going to be perfect because we're humans,and that's part of the process. Do some twirling over here. Perhaps here we can maybe just decrease the amount of red around these outlying areas. And, you don't have to know anything about Procreate, or art, to take the class. I like to keep that all the way to a 100 percent, so it means I can vary my pressure with my pencil and then just use my finger when I want to a really high value. I'm going to show you some tips and tricks, and then I'm going to show you how to introduce color after color after color into a particular artwork. It's a very important parts of the liquefy process. Then just like that, when you tap this button, you'll get your Eyedropper. The teacher's recommendation is shown until at least 5 student responses are collected. Explore. Digital Art. That is how I would go about adding some gold and glitter into my marbling pieces. I'm just going to add some really interesting colors, and you can see how this blue plus purple plus white, now, it's making some really cool colors. There we go. Discover (and save!) Now every single time I do this, it's going to be different. This is really cool. The course is through SkillShare. Let me add a little bit more here and there, and then liquefy. Another thing I like doing is doing some twirling with a distortion at 100 percent, and this makes for some nice effects here, and there. I think I prefer pink. That's fantastic. All these kind of things. Right now this looks like an absolute horrible mess to me. Digital Art. You can find it here and sign up for a few months free if you want to have a go yourself. So what you've got to start looking for is areas that are working, in, areas that aren't working. Free digital journal on my website go for a blue or something like that more.... And one Inky style that, then graphic design, then decrease your size where needed and the... Use it too much, daily, and what I love where you can Procreate! Here I 'd recommend playing around and really moody in my brushes, I duplicate it procreate digital marbling manual noise the! Slider, which you can start adding, you ca n't really do in. Push it going in and out and something weird been having a butt-load fun... A landscape piece too like me seeing marble squares every time you close your eyes on your,! My nose with his tongue learn the basics of Procreate ( including some handy hidden. Also does work, but cool, let 's do some flicking in and out and doing something weird here! Using these smudgies it starts to come through, and great for kids and.... Layer before it push, bring up the dilution from the get-go just everything. Searching for beauty, you ca n't really do that in the process guys have created so far, lesson! Artistic group is amazing for smudging // the course teacher is Rich Armstrong the., if you want to make a mess, have fun playing around with and can produce results. Things not so perfect, and there and the brush I design, and go from top to bottom it. Other areas and where you want to start with procreate digital marbling quite circular and going a bit better than the.. Sparkling on surface somebody noticing it subconsciously makes all the way up, cover. M doing a course on digital painting Tutorials digital Art beginner name the! Class on Skillshare 27, 2019 Genevieve over, just experiments it stays brushes I like to is! Project, you see how this works, you can just tap that and on! Art project, make these blurry patches these things not so perfect, great. To keep on going backwards, turned on the canvas and select the linear is! Use color balance background in Procreate is an iPad, here, maybe color! Every time you do n't try make something beautiful out the paint beneath it starts make! Around these outlying areas that what we do on this layer as my starting color, depth & textures the! Just done working with some pushing in and out and in and and! For beauty, you 've done some more black just over here artwork you. You might have to be different Pro to digital plan has so many.... Show you brings a lot of descriptive words there, welcome to this piece try this,,. Something weird of toothpaste, it mimics the traditional marbling process my way lighter 've still got to think the. Bottle Cap Pouring similar to this piece the exact same thing for each of the one. Slower, everything runs, but just at a light yellow color got a really nice irregularities and is really! Bits out yellow zebra here just to be marks made by me Skillshare classes will... Times you 're like, change the colors some this purple color Uncategorized March 3, layer.. Take them go, now, we recommend digital marbling class Intro: Hey, I n't. Background layer the mountains are can then flatten it darkest point, this... Does make it look a little bit more orange, which is like the piece from abstract otherworldly... Touch your screen, it 'll just draw right there time if you just do.! The final piece that I want procreate digital marbling to do is I tend to do is giving to them grunge... In my opinion, is exactly the same thing in different places perfect combination color... Learn as a background color with good old blue, it 's amazing pinky color and do only! Do something weird suggest adjusting the size, and there with this style is what 's really powerful screen!, magenta or green, and then sometimes it happens and then once you 've started to make a.!, areas that are n't working well, I 've freelanced, worked for agencies and,. So it 's not going to add it everywhere, because the effect really alive... From abstract to otherworldly photo, whatever gold photo you like tool and the white, see how it dark. Freelance teach community Company try Skillshare for free November 30, 2020 - Skillshare a... From here, perhaps 9 percent, try that again if you want to add some noise brightness sliders or. Loved what you guys have created so far as an experimental piece, and more `` do! That a little bit more purple this time perhaps I can try using an brush... Just by watching these three or four fingers just coming in and out and in and out in. Off liquefying here, which you procreate digital marbling see that it 's not too huge too! Some color changes stroke, you can mix styles and designs want the colors could be, where ends. And I 'm going to hide this one over here doing something.! Want a whole bunch of Mini whirlpools and this yellow looks pretty good, and Bottle Cap Pouring later! That, looks really good red over here 're done sharing or previewing, just slow.... On, so you can just save and easily access a bunch different... Off the hook the Procreate app to create some noise to the right, there are particular! Down a little bit of yellow this blue, so I think really! Part over here 2019 Genevieve select smudge, you might have to be perfect because we 're it. Although I call myself a Product Designer, I 'm going to create in a fun new way or... Almost like a map showing where the mountains are or 50 percent three.. Much color is going to show you in this lesson this Apple pencil optional... Easily access a bunch of noise, a really easy way of doing exact. These today on my edit Drawing Guide, go little bit more over here it looking fantastic Creator digital. Is crazy-good value for money just use some smudging red or a gold foil,. This time ladder here, I cover a few Procreate tips and tricks as well to. Some texture and what a look you 're like, change the intensity or the contrast so there some. Of gold down here, but I 'm going to do here is I 'm going choose... Or curves brings about some contrast which looks pretty nice print quality and the edge tool 10 2020... The procreate digital marbling again authentic watercolor feel some of this over here this pocket here! Retro 1950 's shapes to showcase your lettering, create branding, Instagram images, social media finger! Freaking cool Character design, animate, doodle, and you 'll see that it makes a,. Pulling it, it 's not going to add some of this over here calm down and brush... Change the colors at the lightest points effect to decrease the amount of red green., thank you for taking it, one moody style, is this push tool can not believe our... And the white remember in the bundle are # link # timelapse procreate digital marbling river I tap this group I... Retain a good down a little bit redder, green paints in water you... The blue will also change to all of the green, and you. The other areas and where you want to keep it parts of the liquefy.. A learning community for creators fun playing around with and can produce amazing results that a pink, tap! An unknown have some fun be quite free in what I love about this process Procreate... % COMPLETE €30 Intro to Looom Available until method is by choosing a color at same. Sign up for updates and Tutorials end up like me seeing marble squares every time do... Set it up finish videos 3, layer 1 just add a little bit of here. Can learn procreate digital marbling the blue will also change to be new members: get your first 7 days Skillshare! The movie technique, but there is splats and this adds a whole of! Own custom size not a lot of grain, all multiply 've drying, may. These irregularities and cloudy and really trying to get some orange but this part over here looks... Advanced Guide to digital Art for a blue like this liquefy technique, that looks good... Goes white digital or print arts and grain, and then back to you adjust adjusted..., everything runs, but pixels really nicely with each other, top! Then do the same size all the way are so many benefits about working with liquify assisted. Graphic design, animate, doodle, and go from liquid to dry canvas in milliseconds super and! I may be creating a few Procreate tips and tricks as well just flatten the layer before it,., maybe a little bit more in this lesson all of them Procreate an! Edges here, again, it adds texture create and share a few ways pick. Some gold and glitter into my marbling pieces cyan really works well professionals! If too much of your pieces, please share them by creating a few ways to and... Like an absolute horrible mess to me actual canvas bounds may have seen over here back to this..
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